About Us

GLITF, the Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force was formed in 1983 and has worked since then to obtain equality for same sex couples in the Migration process.

Over the last 28 years GLITF has been working quietly behind the scenes to make it possible for Australians to bring our partners home to live with us in Australia.

It has been a long road but in 1990 Interdependent Partners were first recognized in the Migration Regulations. Since then small changes have been made and even though we were treated slightly differently there has been little discrimination. As with opposite sex de facto partners we have to meet the 12 months cohabitation requirement and this is still a difficulty we face.

July 2009 saw the final parts of the Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Laws – General Law Reform) Act 2008 come into operation. These significant changes in legislation included redefining the meaning of “de facto partner” to include the words “whether of the same sex or a different sex”.

GLITF has achieved almost all it wanted when we first started. However, we are now in the era of the Internet which means many of us are meeting partners on-line.

There must always be something to strive for and we think the next step should be to recognise the difficulties in meeting the 12 months cohabitation requirement by making a temporary visa available designed to test relationships while working to meet the 12 months cohabitation.

The visa should be available either on or off shore and should give permission to work. At the end of the 12 months the normal 2 stage process for a partner visas could start.

GLITF relies on our members for support and without them we could not exist. Membership fees help pay for our Internet web pages and for our rooms and office expenses. We get no funding from Government or other sources.